Business Connections

Helping Your Business Expand

Business connections are opportunities for business expansion. How can busy business owners obtain opportunities from business networking within only 24 hours a day?

At ASTCO we can help you expand your business. We work with our guests, current business owners, and help them connect with other business owners. We can help you connect with more business people and they and you can co-operate with one another.

Our staff members and representatives, working in both local and overseas markets day in day out, are connected to good local and overseas business networks. We can match the needs of one business and the supplies from another business and help with forming a business partnering relationship that in its turn helps both businesses respectively succeed in the market.

What we can do for you

A supplier of products or services wants to have more distributors or sub-agents locally and overseas: We bring distributors or sub-agents locally and overseas to the supplier.

A project owner needs foreign investors: We bring investors to the project owner.

An exporter wants to export their products to a foreign market: we find and refer importers from the target market to the exporter and also support both sides in the process of exporting and importing.

A foreign business owner wants to get their products and/or services into Australia market: We can advise, support and implement a multi-tasked marketing plan for their products and/ or services so that they are welcomed and used by Australian consumers. With our analytics, research, business networking and marketing campaign, the foreigner can establish their representative office(s), run the business, distribute the products and/or services like a local business owner in Australia.

In all, we can match businesses together in reciprocally benefiting relationships. With us as facilitator, no business owner has to work alone but is in a team with us and many other business owners.

We at ASTCO would be delighted to be of service. Contact us today.

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