Business Migration

Helping you migrate and grow your business in the new land

With Our Research And Support, You Can Make The Right Decisions For The Future Of Your Family And Your Business.

“In Rome, do what the Romans do”.

We, at ASTCO, can bring to you, the business owner, the knowledge of what “the Romans do” in the country which you intend to go to. This will be of great benefit in three major tasks; migrating to the new chosen country, settling your family in the new society, and growing your business successfully in the new market.

How to ‘do what the Romans do’.

First, we help you meet the best immigration agent so you can migrate to Australia, Canada and the United States. You will need their expertise for the success of your immigration application.

Second, we can help you and the immigration agent communicate for success.

Third, for the successful settlement of you, as a businessperson, and your family in the new country, we assist you and your family to adapt to your new life in many cultural, social and economic aspects:

English and cultural values

Lifestyles and living places

Education and schools for your children

Setting up a new business or purchasing an established business

Understanding and observing the rules and laws of the new country

Knowledge of your obligations and rights

Joining a network of business people from different fields of business who can work with you and support you to succeed with your business in the new market.

Together, we work for a better future for you and your family

Today some business people can have the privilege to migrate to a good place to live and do business for a better future for them and their family.

We, at ASTCO, can help business owners make their migration wish come true for a better future for them, their families and their businesses.

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