Helping Your Business Have More Customers

The biggest obstacle to business success is invisibility. Even the best services and products cannot bring prosperity until they are visible to their potential market.

As a business owner, you would want to have more customers and profits, a good reputation and overall business success. You might want your products and/or services to be well-known, trusted, and maybe even loved. At ASTCO we can be your effective facilitator to realise those wants.

You might need to:

  • Introduce your product and/or service to more target customers
  • Attract customers from specific demographic groups
  • Increase sales
  • Put your products and/or services at the “top of mind” position
  • Develop customer relationship and loyalty
  • Position your business more effectively in the market
  • Enhance the brand name of your business
  • Brighten the image of your business in the market.

After consultation we can advise on, develop and implement on your behalf  different approaches to marketing, advertising and public communications so you get what you want.

First we listen to you so we learn about your needs. Then both you and us can discuss possible solutions and you can find which strategies suit you best.

The 3Hs Marketing Approach

  • Head: to understand and trust
  • Heart: to feel, to like and to love
  • Hand: to act through buying

The business has products and services which customers need. The business needs to help customers understand, find and choose its products/ services easily. Customers become loyal when they are satisfied, and when they trust and love the business. In other words, the business owner has won their customers’ head, heart and hand.

Customers want to buy after the business has made the products and/or services:

– Easy to understand

– Easy to find

– Easy to choose.

Four major marketing measures

We work with business owners to attract more customers and increase sales with four major marketing measures:

1 Advertising: To help you present and explain unique values & benefits to make it easy for customers to decide to buy

2 Selling: To help you make customers satisfied with Quality & Efficiency so that they trust and recommend the business

3 Post-sale services: To help you make customers more satisfied to increase their trust & love for the business

4  Market research: To help you position your business more visible and prestigious in the market and make customers become loyal to your business and make your business be in customers’ top of mind.

Facilities to apply 3Hs marketing approach

We use the marketing approach of 3Hs: Head, Heart & Hand to help business owners increase sales and success via the following facilities:

  • Magazines & newspapers
  • E-newsletters
  • E-magazines
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Video Clips
  • Directories
  • Promotional gifts
  • Sponsorship
  • Events
  • Market research
  • Business identity tools (signage, flyers, brochures…)
  • Customer testimonials

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